Garth Johnson

Financial Acumen and Business Results

Eighteen years of outstanding Oil & Gas executive experience gives senior executive Garth Johnson one-of-a-kind insight into the challenges of agile, opportunity-focused energy-sector leadership.

Garth Johnson is a master at building exponential growth to create value for shareholders and stakeholders. After joining TAG Oil as Chief Financial Officer in 2001 he accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2007, boosting the company’s market value of approximately $2 million by a breathtaking 300x to a high of over $600 million. Mr. Johnson’s disciplined approach to business is key to anticipating and managing the risks involved in operating in the energy industry.

An adept leader and tireless worker, Johnson has skillfully executed complex multimillion dollar transactions in capital markets. Strategic experience impacts every aspect of his savvy approach to success. Corporate governance, HS&E, media communication, legal, commercial contracts, negotiating acquisitions, marketing, joint venture and operations in the oil and gas industry – he’s done it all. Garth Johnson’s passion for leadership, accountability, teamwork, discipline, and long-term prudent planning are pivotal to his success in driving businesses growth.

Pulse Oil Corporation’s Johnson and Cadenhead share a talent for innovation, a genius for team-building and a common drive to achieve outstanding business success through a deep understanding of market opportunities and the world’s current and future energy needs.


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